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“People forget that the word ‘illegal’ is right in there in ‘illegal aliens’.”

Road to DC: Chapel Hill, North Carolina — As I pulled our car into the parking lot of our roadside hotel in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a voice called out across the way. “You’re not coming […]

“It doesn’t become morning because of me!”

Road to to DC: Boulder, CO (1) For some reason we know a lot of people in Boulder, CO. Two of them are Corin and Chris, who invited several friends over for a lovely dinner and a […]

“Is Hillary in jail?”

Road to DC: New Orleans, LA On the way to New Orleans, we stop at a gas station. My son Will runs in to get me a cup of coffee while I sit in the car, windows […]

“It’s a wake-up call.”

Road to DC: Sandy, Utah Sharon Spaulding is a marketing and communications professional with a passion for helping nonprofits and international NGOs articulate their missions and reach broader audiences about global issues. She’s also associate […]

“What do you really expect from your government?”

Road to DC: Reno, NV We met Dave M. at a coffee shop in Reno, Nevada. My cousin introduced us. Friends since elementary school, he and Dave are personally close but politically far apart. So […]