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“The opportunity is to subdue the ideological concerns we all have.”

On the Road to DC: Philadelphia, PA — In Philadelphia we met with a lively group of middle-to-upper-class folks, many of whom had undergone the training offered by the Landmark Forum. I asked how they see the […]

“What’s going to happen to the country I’ve grown up in?”

On the Road to DC: Bowling Green, KY — At the University of Western Kentucky I met with three students who, like those at the University of Pittsburgh, are involved with FeelGood: a non-profit youth […]

“I’ve never in my whole life been afraid to say publicly who I voted for.”

On the Road to DC: Austin, Texas — Bob and Julie (by request, not their real names) are an attractive, successful, middle-aged couple living in Austin, Texas. My wife, who knew Bob in high school, […]

“It’s like we as a human race just don’t know what to do.”

On the Road to DC: Pittsburgh, PA — At the University of Pittsburgh we met with a group of students involved with FeelGood, a non-profit youth movement committed to ending extreme poverty by 2030. The students’ […]

“The basis of unity in a nation is to value human life.”

On the Road to DC: Washington, DC — Shortly after President Trump’s inauguration ceremony, I had the opportunity to speak to two Latina Chaplains and Trump supporters, Vivian Hernandez and Desiree Bernstein. Here’s an edited version of […]