“What do you really expect from your government?”

Road to DC: Reno, NV We met Dave M. at a coffee shop in Reno, Nevada. My cousin introduced us. Friends since elementary school, he and Dave are personally close but politically far apart. So […]

“This election has made me very courageous.”

Road to DC: Sacramento, CA — Our first stop of the Pop the Bubble Conversation Tour. Hosts Kate Karpillow and Steve Sanders brought together six young professionals working on various social issues ranging from education to the environment to local sex trafficking. […]

Road to DC: Update #1

Our California-to-DC Conversation Road Trip is coming together! Our website’s up (please share!), our route’s planned, and people across the country are responding to our invitation to connect and talk.* We’re hopeful our country’s current discord and disruption […]

On the Road to D.C.

These are turbulent times, and I’m compelled to do something. Tossed about by a fast-changing world our institutions seem ill-equipped to handle, it’s up to us to right ourselves, and to find some common ground on […]

One Week After

One does not understand an earthquake simply by comparing the buildings that fell with those that still stand. You have to go deep into the underlying dynamics of the ground on which those buildings rest.