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I am part of an awesome non-profit called FeelGood. We partner with college students—members of the infamous Millennial generation….also known as Generation Y—and together we have created a movement to end global hunger that is simple, systemic, and powerful. I invite you to watch this TEDx talk by FeelGood’s two founders, Kristin Walter and Talis Apud Hendricks. READ MORE

Better Together

All of the problems humanity faces—fiscal, political, environmental, social—point us in a marvelous direction. They offer us the opportunity to solve the one problem that underlies them all: how to work together. And what makes working together so difficult that we need the impending collapse of civilization—not to mention multiple threats of extinction—to give ourselves the needed motivation? Here are three good possibilities: READ MORE


In Jungian dream analysis, a house often symbolizes one’s psyche or self—its layout or state of repair an analogue for the condition of one’s identity. For example, items in the basement may represent aspects of our personality that lie hidden in our deep unconscious and that need to be examined; or a house with many rooms may tell us our life has become fractured and compartmentalized, and in need of integration. Such symbols are helpful in “waking us up” to issues that have not yet penetrated our every day awareness. We may have been conscious of a symptom—depression, anxiety, unease or discontent—but the dream points us to the source: Look at this, it says. Look at what is hidden. And by looking a process of healing is begun. READ MORE

“No one is listening to you.”

Abigail Borah is a 21-year-old student from Middlebury College and member of the youth climate delegation. This video is of her speaking out at a plenary session of the Climate Talks in Durban, Sourth Africa, just as US climate envoy Todd Stern is about to address the assembled environmental ministers. As she was speaking, a moderator declared, “No one is listening to you.” That is exactly the problem. Join us in listening to her now. WATCH NOW

The Theory of Natural Connection

It’s time to update Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection with the far better theory of Natural Connection. Natural Selection, and its corollary, Survival of the Fittest, has too long been used to rationalize selfish behavior. We need a new theoretical lens.

The theory of Natural Connection posits that the engine of evolution is not the selfish drive to survive, but rather the innate impulse to connect— the impulse to be part of something bigger than ourselves. It’s a far better explanation for evolution since everything that exists must figure out how to stay in balanced relationship with the greater whole of which it is a part. It also has a couple of interesting implications. READ MORE


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