“The basis of unity in a nation is to value human life.”

On the Road to DC: Washington, DC — Shortly after President Trump’s inauguration ceremony, I had the opportunity to speak to two Latina Chaplains and Trump supporters, Vivian Hernandez and Desiree Bernstein. Here’s an edited version of […]

“We’re at the risk point.”

On the Road to DC: Boulder, CO (2) — Frank Alexander is director of the Boulder County Department of Housing and Human Services—an agency whose work is often celebrated by the left and impugned by […]

“We actually do care about and love our country.”

On the Road to DC: Washington, DC — On the day of Trump’s inauguration, we met two American university students, both Muslim. They’d been at the inauguration all day holding signs saying “Muslims for Peace,” […]

“I support the wall.”

On the Road to DC: Natchitoches, LA — Chris Arnade, photographer and storyteller, did a piece not long ago on the role of McDonald’s restaurants as small-town community centers. It was a series of photos and […]

“Until we bring love back, this world gonna be messed up.”

On the Road to DC: Birmingham, AL — We met George Rudolph, a Vietnam war veteran, at a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration in Kelly Ingram Park in Birmingham, Alabama. The park is kitty […]