The Global MindShift Gymnasium is a place to exercise the “muscles”—mental, emotional and spiritual—that we need individually and collectively to help emerge the age of global community. While in a typical gymnasium the objective is physical health, in the MindShift gymnasium the objective is wisdom.

Where is the gymnasium?

The Global Mindshift Gymnasium is in your head and in your heart – it’s the ideas, thoughts, feelings, interactions and perceptions you have every day. It’s what you know and what you have to learn; it’s the world you live in and the world you help create.

Why should I go there?
We are living in an unprecedented moment of human history – one that requires extraordinary wisdom if our species is to continue being part of this magnificent evolutionary story.  Regular exercise in the MindShift Gymnasium will help each of us see and develop the wisdom that is required to emerge a positive and compelling vision of the future, aligned with the fundamental reality that all space, all time and all life is one, interconnected whole.

What will I do there?
You’ll exercise your ability to see and respond, which is the essence of wisdom.  You’ll start with a personal assessment: a chance to reflect on how you (and all the rest of us) live inside a particular worldview, and how that limits your ability to see and respond. Then you’ll embark upon a training program to expand your worldview. You’ll learn how to undergo a mindshift that enables you to see in an entirely new and more holistic way – one that recognizes and embraces our common humanity while acknowledging and celebrating our diversity. In other words, you will become more wise.

Do I get a trainer?
You’ll have several: The people in your life that you know well, and the total strangers that you encounter every day. Perhaps most important is your personal trainer — the person or guide deep inside you that you may have yet to meet.

What do I need to bring?
Interest, the motivation to see, and an open mind and an open heart.

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