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Is anger a moral response?

I recently attended a four-day gathering of 400-plus compassionate human beings, all united by a desire to heal our national and global divisions. And while it was in many ways a wonderful and spirited event, […]

My Story, My Self? The Case for Detachment

In my workshop — Difficult Conversations: The art and science of thinking together — we explore how our life experiences — what in the workshop we call our “story” — shape how see the world […]

A “difficult conversation” in California’s conservative heartland.

Recently I had the opportunity to facilitate my workshop, “Difficult Conversations: The art and science of thinking together,” with the community leaders of Redding, California — the state’s tenth most conservative large city, according to voter […]

How to talk to anyone

Since August of last year, I’ve been traveling the country leading a free workshop I developed called “Difficult Conversations: The art and science of thinking together.” It explores three conditions that, if met, allow us […]

Five essential steps for having a difficult conversation

“These days, it seems that there are more and more deal breakers when it comes to deciding whom we’re willing to talk to. But in our tense era of deep divisions, talking to each other—and […]