Road to to DC: Boulder, CO (1)

For some reason we know a lot of people in Boulder, CO. Two of them are Corin and Chris, who invited several friends over for a lovely dinner and a two-hour Pop the Bubble conversation. Some highlights:

On the current state of our American union

“I’m shocked at the outcome of our presidential election, but at the same time I’m not. Whether we agree with what happened or not, a chunk of this country cried out, and I think regardless of what your beliefs are, there’s a reason for it and I think we should listen and find out why.”

“I feel like we’re moving into a new moment…something humanity has never experienced before, and I kind of feel like Trump is the neon sign to show us that. We are going somewhere really, really new, which creates confusion and fear, bringing up anger in people because they’re scared and don’t know what to do with their feelings.”

“I think people are tired of the bullshit, of being lied to. I always try when it comes to politics to hear all perspectives, and what amazes me is how one simple act, one simple truth, is manipulated. People are just sick and tired of being lied to and want honesty. And I think that’s what it comes down to. And as ugly as Trump is, there was this kind of brutal honesty about him that people liked.”

On what unites us

“I think we all want to feel like our lives are meaningful.”

“Listening. I don’t see unity as a destination, but as a process. The act of listening literally unites us.”

“Yearning. Everyone has a yearning for something that’s not fulfilled in their life.”

“Longing, or yearning was a word that also came to me. But the longing for what? What is the unifying thing? I think it is a longing for love and connection and reunion.”

On the possibility of the moment

“I was taught that nothing evolves without equal amounts of chaos and order. If there’s too much chaos things just disintegrate, and if there’s too much order things stagnate and die. So I think it’s a time of absolute and necessary chaos. The only way we’re going to evolve is if our obsolete patterns and ways of doing things are just smashed. And so I think that’s where we’re at.”

“I would dare say that I’m a religious person. In the Sanctuary of the church that I’ve been part of it says: “In God, all things are possible.” The Unity church here in Boulder talks about God as the ‘awareness of the lack of separation.’ So embracing God is coming from a place of complete lack of separation. So with an awareness and an attitude that we’re totally connected, all things are possible.”

On taking responsibility

“I think it’s so important to not have an attitude of ‘us vs. them.’ I think our whole culture so based on having an enemy. Yes, there are people who do bad things; they exist. But I think if we truly are all one, which I know on some soul level we absolutely are, then we have to own all of it. We have to own all our history. What is out there is part of us. We are not separate from it.”

“I remember when my daughter was little and it would be time to go to school and I would go in and wake her up and she would become really angry with me, and I finally said to her, ‘look, it doesn’t become morning because of me!’ We all do that. If there is someone or something we can possibly blame or fight against, we do act like kids! And you know, it’s not morning because someone made it morning, it just is morning; and we have to get up.”

Posted by Kern Beare


  1. Wonderful, thought provoking comments. Particularly resonate with “a chunk of this Country cried out – and I think we should listen and find out why”. Also loved “it doesn’t become morning because of me” great. Wishing you the best as you travel forward!


  2. Don & Virginia Fitton January 19, 2017 at 9:17 am

    Love the comments. Continues to bring meaning to a changing world.
    Thank you.


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