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In “economist-speak,” a V-shaped recovery refers to a market’s rapid rise following an equally rapid decline. Clearly not the kind of economic recovery we’re experiencing today.

But I do think we’re experiencing another kind of V-shaped recovery…where V stands for Values. It’s a fundamental shift in our culture that mainstream economists and pundits are missing entirely. READ MORE

Vision, Commitment and Action: A Process for Leading a Spiritual Life

In our work at FeelGood we often use a simple model for creating change that’s adopted from another non-profit, The Hunger Project. The model has three steps—Vision, Commitment and Action—and I’ve been thinking about how it can be applied as a spiritual discipline. READ MORE

9-11: Awakening to an Inner Journey

Most Americans, it seems, were shocked and angered by the events of September 11, 2001. But between shock and anger is the often un-seized opportunity for reflection, and in the case of 9-11 that missing step has caused tremendous harm. READ MORE


Can anyone explain the soaring valuations of social media companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, despite their relatively meager corporate earnings? Read the interview with Josh Bernoff of Forrester Research and Jessi Hempel of Fortune magazine, and it’s clear that even the “experts” have no idea what’s going on. Fortunately, I do. READ MORE


Sometimes I just wish I could sit down with President Obama and give him some advice. Here’s what I’d say about two of his major policy initiatives: READ MORE


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