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Tree Love

Another example of life’s cooperative principle. Through a vast network of roots and fungi, trees communicate and share nutrients to help each other survive and thrive. Check out this 4 minute video. You’ll never see trees, or a denuded forest, in the same way again.

Social Hacking: Changing the Land, not the Landscape

Highly recommend this terrific article from The Guardian called The system is failing, hack the system. An excerpt:  “So what is social hacking? It is creating enterprises that don’t respond to the problems that our current system creates, but change the way we do things so those problems do not occur in the first place.” Highly recommend you check it out.

The Power of Pressure

The following is an edited version of an interactive presentation I gave last summer at FeelGood’s annual Big Cheese Summer Institute, a 5-day training for college students who are learning to unleash their capacity as “changemakers for the end of global hunger.”

Let’s take a few minutes to ground ourselves in the context of our times, and the urgency of the moment…and why each one of us is so important to the future of not only the human family, but also all life. READ MORE


It is fascinating watching the mainstream media grapple with the unfolding Syrian drama. They are so caught up in the win-lose narrative—who’s weak, who’s strong, who’s on top, who’s on the bottom—that the story’s true significance is completely lost. READ MORE


This Syria situation is something new. We are not having a debate about going to war. We are having a debate about what is being framed as a “limited” retaliatory missile strike. It’s the kind of strike we’ve done countless times in the past with little public awareness, let alone debate. Think Reagan in Libya and Grenada, and Clinton in Sudan and Kosovo.



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